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London Adventures

As some of you may know myself and my friend Emma recently went on a trip to London. Throughout our trip we were such tourists and saw so many different things that I thought I'd share with you a little bit about our trip. We also filmed a vlog of our trip which you can see here

Our trip started bright and early on Thursday morning when I met Emma who had got a train to Manchester. We both got on the train to London and cracked open our mini Prosecco bottles to celebrate the trip we had been planning since January.  Once our train journey was complete we made our way to the tube. Being 2 northern girls with very little experience of the London underground this took us a lot longer than expected but by the end of our trip we had finally got it. We then walked through the park to my grandparents house where we would be staying. We had a nice chat and a well earned sit down after our day of travelling and then headed out for Tea on the river. I had prawn linguine which was nice, not the best seafood linguine I've ever had but it did the trick. We then headed back to the house ready for a big day the following day.

Prawn Linguine on the River Thames
Day 2 or really day 1 was the big one for me. I last minute had an interview on this day and so while I was at that Emma did a spot of shopping along Oxford Street. Once my interview was complete I met back up with Em and we decided to do a bit of touristing (that may not be a word and if it's not I'm claiming it as my own). We firstly wanted to see Harrods as it had been forever since either of us had been and is quite iconic. Whilst there we had a pizza and a prosecco (you'll see a running theme throughout the weekend of food and prosecco, it's just what we do). As we were leaving Harrods I got a call, unexpected as I was anticipating interview feedback to be the next week let alone 2 or 3 hours later. I will remember this moment as long as I live I was stood outside Harrods and got the call to say I had got the job and when could I start. Amazing I had landed my dream job, all in a days work. I rang all my respective family and friends that needed to know and cried so much. I was so happy. Once I'd sort of gathered myself together we did a bit more touristing. We went to see Buckingham Palace, Downing Street and Big Ben before heading home to celebrate with my grandparents where you guessed it we had even more prosseco. Surprise Surprise. We then went out to a lebonese restaurant because the Fish and Chip shop was shut. I wish I knew the name of the restaurant but the service was incredible. We ordered our food and they brought out so much extra food to try free of charge. Plus it was all so tasty I would definitely recommend (If i could remember it's name). 

Buckingham Palace
Day 3 was our first big day of activities that we'd booked. In the morning we went to London Zoo which oh my god I had forgotten how much I love zoo's. Sorry to everyone on my snapchat because I think this is where my snapchat story got unbearable as I just loved every single animal so much. Once we had seen all the sections of the Zoo we headed back to the tube passing via 221b Baker street and the Sherlock Holmes statue. If you know me you'll know how much I love Sherlock and so I just had to take a picture with the statue. We then made our way back to my grandparents and got changed before heading back out to see The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre. I had seen the Lion King before but back when I was about 6 or 7 I think so honestly couldn't remember a lot of it. Obviously I knew the story being the die hard Disney fan I am but it was amazing to relive the whole theatrical experience again. The show was amazing and definitely worth a watch if you're in London. 

Lion King at The Lyceum Theatre
Day 4 or our last proper day in London was once again a busy one. In the morning we went to Madame Tussauds which again I had been to before but was so young I can't have known who most of the people were. Once again my snapchat story went crazy as I felt the compulsive need to have selfies with every celeb (I mean I paid a ticket entry price for a reason, a girl has to get her moneys worth). After our many selfies and Emma seeing Niall Horan twice we made our way over to the river bank to go on the London Eye. Now I like the London eye because the view is incredible however I think if it wasn't included in our trio of tickets it wouldn't of been something I'd of wanted to do. That said I got some good pictures and it was really nice to see the view because I hadn't been on in a very long time. Our final attraction of the day was London Dungeons. I was bricking it and in parts was so scared it was unreal, however the whole experience was nowhere as scary as I had anticipated (thank god because I think I would of just cried if it was). It took us through the history of London which was very interesting and the actors were all really impressive. After surviving the dungeons we left and headed to a bar I had been recommended. The bar from the outside looks really run down however once you go in you see a cave which you can sit in and drink a host of wines or in our case more prosecco. After finishing our bottle off we headed home for a roast dinner and a good sleep before travelling home the next day. 

The View from the London Eye
And that was our trip to London. We had the most amazing time and saw so many things. Thanks to Emma for being a fab travel companion and here's to the next trip.

Until Next Time...

Meg x

Sunday, May 28, 2017

We Stand Together.

For those of you who didn't already know about the tragic events of Monday this week I thought I should write a blog post dedicated to it as I thought it was more appropriate than my usual posts. 

It's so hard to write this post and I quite honestly don't know how I feel about it all. Part of me is sad, part of me feels angry, but mostly I cannot imagine the pain and suffering of those involved and directly affected by the incident. The incident took place at the Manchester Arena home to a vast array of musical concerts and events many of which I have been to before. However on this particular evening twenty-two people were killed and 64 injured after a suicide bomber detonated a home-made device (BBC News). 

Whilst I was not near the attack, I was in the city when it happened and felt the aftermath and fear it injected into the community. My immediate thoughts went out to the families and victims themselves as what should have been an amazing event and for some a dream come true turned into a complete nightmare.

For so many reasons this event has shaken not only myself but others around the world. Firstly any act of this kind is an absolute tragedy as innocent lives were taken with absolutely no need to do so. Moreover what particularly got to me about this event was the age of the audience being targeted. Some of these included children as young as 8, who had not even been given a chance to live their lives. And finally just how close to home it was. I have had quite a lot of time to reflect on this event and the same thoughts keeps going around and around in my head and they are 'how on earth can anyone justify that, how can that ever be right, how can someone think that that is an ok thing to do?'. I cannot even describe how disgusting I find this and not only that but the highest level of cowardice I have ever seen to target such young and innocent lives. However the only thing that can be done now is to provide support for those affected and remain tight knit as a community.

I wanted to write a post to pay tribute to so many people especially as I do have a platform such as this blog I think it's important to share not only topics about me but also events that have affected others as well and it just didn't feel right to just gloss over this and not acknowledge it.

As many of you know I have lived in Manchester the past 3 years due to University. I would honestly class this city as my second home and when I woke to the news just didn't really know how to comprehend it all. 

If you've ever been to Manchester you'll know just how diverse it is. The city celebrates so many cultures and types of people which is why I love this city! What can be taken from this event as tragic as it was is just how amazing Manchester and the people of Manchester are as a community. Everyone from hotel owners to the homeless were out in force to provide aid to those injured and for that should be commended. I also am in awe of the services such as the ambulances and police force who acted so quickly and should also be applauded. 

My final point I wanted to make was that in light of this event I have realised just how cruel the world can be. Life each day to the full because you never know when it will be your last. Make memories and take nothing for granted, you only get one life so live it the best you can. 

What I really want to say can really be expressed better by this poem by Ryan Williams:

"A grey Tuesday morning, 'neath Lancastrian skies
We wake once again to wipe tears from our eyes.
Forced to wear robes of weakness and pity,
As cowards attack the very heart of our city.

Like always we'll comfort and hold one another,
A Mancunian family of sisters and brothers.
For a time our strut is reduced to a stagger,
But make no mistake, we'll rekindle our swagger.

We'll learn how to live with another deep scar.
If you think you can beat us, you don't know who we are!

We're Collyhurst, Ancoats, Moston and Sale.
We're Oldham and Bury; Ashton; Rochdale.

We're Pankhurts and Turing, the Gallagher Brothers,
We're Morrissey, Marr and a million others!

We're a city of workers, a city of shirkers.
A city of tracksuits, and bibles and burkas.

Vegetarian, Rastafarian, Athiest, Jew.
100 red! 100% blue.

We're each of us different but never alone.
In the Cosmopolitopia we get to call 'home'. 
So, come at us again, and again if you must. 
Time after time we'll rise from the dust.
You'll never prevail - not against us... 
This is Manchester, our MANCHESTER 
And the bees still buzz!" 

Manchester I love you and you will forever have a place in my heart. Whilst we continue to mourn for the dead and pray for the injured we must also look forward. We will keep working together just as a hive of bees would, Manchester is unbreakable. 

Meg x

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Guess Who's Back... Back Again!

Hello my lovely beings of the internet, 

As the title suggests, I am back, ready to get back on my blogging game and boy it feels good to be back. All throughout my blogging 'hiatus' I have been itching to get back into my blogging but knew it was for the best that I left it until I had totally finished at Uni and could finally focus solely on this wonderful space that is my little corner of the internet. 

While I can't really say my break was all that relaxing I am finally here to explain what I have been up to on my mini blogging break and let you know that this girl is back with a vengeance. 

As you all probably know from the multitude of blog posts I have posted, as of very recently I was a final year student. And as anyone who's done uni will appreciate, it is not easy especially the last few weeks of final year when the expectations and stakes are so much higher than they've ever been before and you're up to your eyeballs in dissertations and portfolios that you really think there's no end. I took the decision to take a break from the blog for just over a month to make sure I could pour all my time and energy into getting as good a uni grade as possible. After all I have paid £21,000 for it so might as well give it my best shot right?! 

I also did this because while I have managed to do both in the past keeping my blog running alongside my other units, as the workload ramped up I had to decide whether to pour my efforts into 1 activity and see amazing results from that or pour my energy into 2 and see more mediocre results. I thought it was best to take a break rather than post substandard blog posts and instead come back bigger and better! 

As of the 12th May I officially handed in my last ever pieces of uni work and can now say that I have finished Uni forever *Cheers to that* and now I am back and you can go back to expecting your weekly Sunday meg updates.

Until next time

Meg X

Monday, April 10, 2017

My Blogging Hiatus!

Hello lovely beings of the internet I hope you are all doing well on this fabulous Monday morning! As you all probably already know I am actually a final year student in university and as you can probably appreciate as "finals season" is upon us I am rather stressed and up to my eyeballs in coursework.

I therefore had to make a decision whether to carry on doing everything but potentially risking quality or to prioritise. If you hadn't already got it from the title I went for option B. I think especially in final year of uni it is so important to pour everything you've got into it after all yo only get one stab at it. Whilst I do love blogging and don't get me wrong normal procedure will resume as soon as that god damn dissertation is handed in, it naturally has to take a backseat as firstly it isn't worth £27,000 and at the end of the day is a hobby not an academic career.

Therefore I will be taking a hiatus if you will, a mini break from blogging until my end of year assessments are complete. I promise this is not the end but more a "we were on a break" friends moment.

I hope you understand and I look forward to rejoining you all once the stress of final year is over and when I can finally call myself an actual graduate *squeels*.

Until then..

Meg Xx

Sunday, April 09, 2017

My Favourite Keto Recipes

For those of you that don't already know myself and my housemate have recently been experimenting with a Keto diet. In simple terms a Ketogenic or Keto Diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. Whilst this is good I just want to point out that it does work  and I'm sure my housemate won't mind me saying that she has seen real results however as I am naturally slightly smaller I personally haven't seen as much of a difference but then I haven't been as strict with the diet. I recommend it as it forces you to put a lot more fruit and veg into your diet but I would take it with a pinch of salt. I know some people who do it really strictly and measure out portions which if that's something you want to do go ahead but in my case its more cutting out main carbs like pasta and bread and replacing those with veg. I still have granola for breakfast but aim to cut carbs out of the rest of my day. In doing so me and my housemate have had to be a lot more creative with our cooking so today I thought I'd share with you a couple of our new favourite Keto recipes! 

Recipe 1: Carbless-Fajitas (For One)
This recipe is so delicious and makes the most juicy flavoursome chicken I have ever tried. I love it and its so easy and very minimal washing up because it's all baked in one dish. 

1 Chicken Breast
Fajita Seasoning (I use the Old El Paso Fajita Sachets)
1 Pepper 
1 Small Onion
1 Avocado
Sour Cream
Grated Cheddar Cheese or Mozzerella Cheese

1. Place the chicken breast in a heat proof dish (I use a mini lasagne dish)
2. Sprinkle fajita seasoning over the chicken breast to taste 
3. Lay your sliced pepper, onion and avocado over the top of the chicken breast making sure it is pread out evenly
4. Spread some sour cream over the top to taste and then sprinkle cheese on top
5. Bake at about 180 degrees for 35-45 minutes or until the chicken is cooked

Recipe 2: Broccoli & Veg Carbless Quiche
This one is a take on a recipe I found online and makes a sort of cheesey veg quiche. It's nice and light and works great with a side salad. 

This recipe works in cups measurements however it doesn't have to be exact for example we used some broccoli and mixed veg in ours to mix it up a bit. You can also remove the ham if you want this to be vegetarian. 

4-6 cups broccoli 
1-2 cups diced ham
1 cup grated cheese
8-10 eggs, well beaten (This depends on how big your dish is, we only used 6 eggs and that was plenty for 4 portions)

1. Heat oven to 190C. 
2. Boil and cook the broccoli then let it drain, Dice the ham while the broccoli drains.
3. Layer broccoli, ham, and Mozzarella in casserole dish. 
4. Season with fresh-ground black pepper and pour beaten egg over. 
5. Bake 35-45 minutes, or until all the mixture is set 

Recipe 3: A take on Courgetti Carbonara 
Courgetti (1 Courgette's worth)
Cream Cheese (We use cream cheese with garlic which is delicious)
A splash of milk
Cheese on top

1. Fry the mushrooms, onion, spinach and courgetti in a frying pan
2. In a seperate pan heat the cream cheese and milk then combine the 2 pans
3. Sprinkle the additional cheese on top


Recipe 4: Oaty Bake 

This one isn't actually a Keto recipe but it is still very healthy if your looking for a dessert replacement. 

80g Porridge Oats 
2 tbsp Sweetner
2 Small Eggs
180g of Natural Yoghurt
A handful of raspberries 

1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees
2. Mix the porridge, sweetner, egg, yoghurt and raspberries in a bowl
3. Transfer the mixture ti a small over proof dish and bake for 35 minutes 
4. Serve with natural yogurt and fruit

So that's just a couple of keto recipes you can try out, Most of these recipes have been found on pinterest so if you want to follow my keto recipe board the link is here

Until next time ...

Meg x

Sunday, April 02, 2017

March Favourites

It's day 2 of April and let's just first chat about how god damn fast this year is going. How is it already April?! Anyway as always I have compiled a list of all the things I have been loving over the past month. This month I thought I'd bring back the categories that I used to use and see how it goes just because I think sometimes a little structure is in oder so here it goes.
Let's start with the makeup because lets be honest that's usually the most interesting category and this month I have gone back to basics. I have been sifting through my collection and seeing what I have and remembered about my MUA Undress Me Too Palette. This palette costs a mere £4 to buy so is extremely inexpensive but the colour palette is great if you are looking for neutrals. But what surprises me most about this palette is the pigmentation. For a £4 palette the formula is pretty creamy, well pigmented and lasts all day. Definitely worth getting.

Earlier in February myself and some of my blogger friends attended a Blogger event at The Body Shop where we tried out a bunch of New Products and were given some to try. I have done a vlog of the day which you can find here but 2 stand out products for me were the liquid face peels and the camomile cleansing balm. The liquid peel is one of the weirdest yet oddly satisfying products I have ever tried. It has a gel like formula and as soon as you rub it into the face it reacts and you can physically see the dead skin coming off your face. It's kind of gross but your face feels ridiculously clean afterwards! As for the camomile cleansing balm I am a massive fan of cleansing balms anyway so when I got to try this one I was quite excited. I love the scent of this as it's quite neutral but still smells clean. It does a really good job at getting your makeup off and as its from the body shop it is packed with good ingredients. 
When I haven't been wearing gym gear (sometimes I'm not even going to the gym the leggings are just so comfy) I have been loving the new frills trend thats all over the highstreet at the minute. I have a couple of frill pieces but have just been loving the style of them and its such an easy trend to wear.

Accessories wise I had to mention my latest heels acquisition. These babies are what I am calling my fake Valentinos because they were a measly £14 from good old primarni but nobody can deny they are definitely inspired by the classic rock studs. I have worn them a couple of times now and actually find them relatively comfortable for a heeled shoe plus I love the style of them because I think they can be dressed up or down. I have worn them with jeans and dresses and they are now a staple part of my heel collection.

Since the start of my more healthy diet I have been experiementing with a couple new recipes which are coming up in a blog post soon. One of my absolute favourites has got to be Carbless Fajitas! I know you'll be thinking how on earth does one produce a carbless fajita but it's so delicious and so easy to do that even I (one of the worst chefs in the world, I once burnt an omelette if thats anything to go by) can make it. Along with this I have been trying to snack a lot better. I have always been a snacker so switching them out for something much healthier was top of my list. These Paleo bars from The foodie market are my absolute new favourite. They are so tasty and moreish but literally only contains: dates, cashew nuts, coconut, macadamia nuts and almond oil. SO no more guilty snacking.

During the month of March I came down with a case of what I thought was Tonsillitis but was later informed by my medic student friend that it was a throat virus (I mean how was I meant to know that) but anyway he said to me that the only way to get better was to rest (absolute worst case scenario for someone like me who likes to be busy) he also suggested drinking honey and lemon and I did as he said thinking it was going to taste similar to those god awful lemsip sachets you get. But alas I was wrong it was actually delicious so much so that I am still drinking it even though I am no longer ill. 

During the start of march I was quite ill with a really bad case of the flu so I managed to fit in a lot of TV time what with being too ill to make it to uni on some days. First up is Moana which if you love Disney films then you will automatically love this. The songs are great the story is great and for once there's a Disney story where the princess doesn't marry the hero (finally) but it's a very nice and easy watch for those days where you don't want anything too intense.  On the flip side of this is my 2 netflix series picks which are definitely not for the faint hearted. If your into murder programmes, thrillers or programmes where you're just like What the f**k? then you definitely need to check these out. First up is how to get away with Murder which is set in a university and follows a bunch of law students journeys as they learn "how to get away with murder". The second pick is a lot darker and messed up than the previous but if you like a thriller is definitely worth a watch. Bates Motel is a series following a kid called Norman Bates (basically this series is the prequel to the film Psycho) and he is a bit of a weird kid. I'm not going to say much more because I don't want to ruin it for anyone but if you like drama this is the one for you.

What can I say about music in march other than there have been some really amazing releases and therefore this category is packed with favourites this month. Firstly how could I not mention the amazing new album from Ed Sheeran Divide. I am obsessed with all the songs on this album but particularly Galway Girl, Eraser, Barcelona and Nancy Mulligan. The Album is on spotify and Itunes so go give it a listen, I promise it wont be a waste of your time. Another favourite album comes from the recent Moana Film from Disney because how could I not have a more light hearted music favourite, From this album I love where you are, How far I'll go, you're welcome and shiny. As for other songs I have been loving quite a few including: Stormzy: Big for your boots, Are you Sure?: Kriss Kross Amsterdam, Connor Maynard & Ty Dolla $ign, Shape Of You Major Lazer Remix and Something Just Like this: Coldplay & The Chainsmokers. But if you want to check out all the songs I'm loving ever you can follow me on Spotify here

Another favourite I have loved is a mash up done by Connor Maynard and The Vamps which you can watch/listen here basically its them siginging other tracks over the original shape of you track and I just love how well their voices work together so definitely check that out too.

And that is everything I have been loving over the past month. 
If you like favourites or have some products you think I should try out please leave them in the comments below and make sure you keep your eyes peeled for another new blog post next week!
Until next time...

Meg X

Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Note To My Younger Self

What would you say if you could give a message to your younger self? After having spent a whole 20 years on this earth, I know I'd share a few pearls of wisdom so here goes.

Born on the 14th August 1996 just a small baby you'd have no idea what rollercoasters were going to happen in your life. Here's a few tips and pointers that I think you'll find useful. 
Straight off the bat, make the most of these 2 and a half years before your little brother comes along. He's lovely and a pretty sound really but when he comes along that's half the attention and half everything else so make the most of it. And just remember even though sometimes he is quite irritating (understatement if ever I saw one) he is still your brother and turns out to be quite a good laugh.  

Onto your hobbies. You might not know it now but that first ballet lesson you take when you are just 4 or 5 years old will lead on to some of the most amazing experiences ever. 
That adorable little kid in her pink tutu and bunches actually gets to perform on the west end not once but twice (3 times if you count the number of dances). Even 20 year old meg is quite impressed by that, and it will prove a very useful talking point in the future. 
Pink will be forever be your favourite colour but I urge you not to wear it in this quantity ever again. In time you'll realise black, white and grey make a very solid wardrobe but in your defence this was for a pink party so it is just about acceptable but never again please! 
Another thing you really need to stop wearing is that god damn helly hansen coat. In hindsight I do regret letting you buy it so just do yourself a favour and throw it away.
Try hard in textiles (not that you don't) but just do it and even though all your friends will laugh at your textiles photo shoots just ignore them because in the end you'll end up pursuing a career in fashion and textiles and loving everything about the industry. Also you'll get better at posing just trust me on this one!
You will always be entrepreneurial and I think you get it from your dad but even those little coffee stands you hold at football will stand you in good stead for the future. It may seem cold and pointless and that your only real customer is your mum and her mates but it is the start of a money making mind set and will set you up for bigger and better entrepreneurial opportunities. 
Ahh the braces. It wont be the best moment in your life I'll grant you that but just stick with it. All the screaming and crying will be worth it one day. Prom, Ball, and the selfies (not a 'thing' yet but you'll be very much on the hype), you'll be thankful of it then when you have a lovely set of pearly whites to show for it. 
Don't forget your roots. Your life gets so exciting its sometimes easy to get swept up in it and forget about your home life but I really urge you not to. The countryside is what will keep you grounded and generally what will keep you a nicer person. Just drop in or touch base every now and again! Especially when you leave for uni you'll realise just how much you actually like the countryside! 
You'll forever be a princess! Even since day 1 you have been a princess and to this day 20 year old meg still occasionally likes to pretend she is a real life disney princess. Don't let anyone tell you you aren't worthy of the title because you are and keep that little head of yours up (don't want that crown to fall do we). 
Your parents will forever try to embarrass you and for your sake its probably easier to just go along with it. It doesn't stop, that's their job (and it still happens age 20) but one day you'll know how to give it back which is much more fun!
While school is important and a little pre thanks for trying so hard (older meg is very grateful because guess what we got into Manchester *high fives*), but don't get so hung up on school, Yes you got a D in that physics test but in the grand scheme of things it never really matters because A) and you don't even do physics and B) you actually get an A* in the real thing so just chill. Also sports, history, geography, RE, Drama, anything like that will never be your forte so don't get too hung up on those either! Stick to what you know and live a little. 
While school was great and you made a small group of friends that you will be friends with for years to come, like before school isn't the be all and end all so let me reiterate just don't get so hung up on school. When you leave you'll realise you don't miss it as much as you thought so don't cry so much on the last day (especially not the year 11 leavers because you come back for sixth form so that really is stupid), don't cry because it's over smile because it happened then move on. 
Go and get your eyes tested sooner! I'm pretty sure I ended up spending a good few years squinting at the whiteboard in class so just go get your eyes tested. While yes you probably don't want to because of your irrational fear of anything clinical but it probably will save you a lot of embarrassment when you can actually see the words on the screen and the awkward moment when you went to your driving lesson and couldn't see any of the number plates. 
Christmas is your time to SHINE! When you finally understand the concept of Christmas you will be hooked! And even as a 20 year old the magic will still get you. My message to you is to spread this magic where ever you go. You will encounter those who don't share this passion for Christmas but don't let them dull your sparkle rather let that motivate you to radiate it from you even more. 
While makeup will be one of your passions, you really don't need so much makeup (particularly the eyeliner). Hold your head high because you don't need to wear a mask of makeup all the time and honestly it'll save you so much time in the morning leaving longer to sleep. 
When you're older please try and pay more attention to your limits. You're only small and while you probably think it takes you a lot to get drunk it really doesn't. You'll be a massive light weight forever but on the plus side you'll save a great deal of money because of this so there is a silver lining. 
Be proud of your achievements. Whether it be small, or big celebrate them! You'll be much more happy because of it and thats what achievements are for. 
Let's talk about Uni. Uni will simultaneously be one of the best and hardest things you will ever do but I promise it'll be worth it.  Thanks for choosing Manchester because it really is an amazing city and I have met some of the most amazing people here. Try hard in uni because you deserve to do well but first year don't stress too much about that coursework! First year doesn't count anyway so while it is great that you get a first in first year, you can spend that time elsewhere before the real work starts in year 2 and 3. 
Another thing to mention. Stop being so picky with your food. Honestly just give them a chance because you actually do like them. Mince, Peperoni, Soup you name it you actually end up liking it so just eat it!

You will be lanky forever too! This will make you very clumsy and anything at tripping height you will trip over, it is inevitable, and don't get me started on the jeans hunt... BUT this lankiness is a blessing in disguise because it means you have really long legs (trust me thats a good thing). 

And finally thank you for this blog that you will set up in 2013, because you will never know just how much joy it will bring you and for that I am eternally grateful.
And that is everything I have to say. Just remember to be yourself and live life to the fullest and you can't really go too far wrong.

Good luck & best wishes...

Future Meg